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  2. Telehealth
    Does your health system perform Telehealth? If so, new legislation may affect your process. A healthcare professional is now required to consult with a patient or obtain the patient’s consent before providing a healthcare service via telecommunication technologies. Providers may obtain the consent remotely at the time of telehealth treatment or in advance when a patient first seeks care from a particular provider, practice or institution.

    Michigan law defines telemedicine as “the use of an electronic media to link patients with health care professionals in different location….the healthcare professional must be able to examine the patient via real-time, interactive audio or video, or both, telecommunications system and the patient must be able to interact with the off-site health care professional at the time the services are provided.”

    How are you planning to incorporate this process to your current Telehealth procedures? Leave a comment below!
    -Rebekah Prisk, Director of Communication-MAHQ Board of Directors

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