Will patient generated data be more useful than claims data?

Imagine, using patient-generated data being used in conjunction with claims and clinical data in predicting health outcomes!

This interesting article here references survey information gauging the usefulness of data sources.

Currently, the most useful sources of data are clinical and cost data. Other categories include data from pharmacy and HCAP surveys. However, predictions are showing that patient generated data will soon become just as useful as cost data.

In the writer’s opinion, all facets of data for patient care are useful. Combine cost, pharmacy, patient generated, and clinical data to gather a full and complete view of the patient. From here, care management can be arranged if applicable, in addition to noticing trends in disease among demographic groups.

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One thought on “Will patient generated data be more useful than claims data?

  1. From an analytics perspective, we can’t even do claims right — and we’re not at all ready to tackle genomics (which requires advanced statistical capability to do even basic analyses) or patient-generated data. Wearable telemetry, for example, is typically accessed through software APIs — but HIPAA/HiTech effectively precludes us from accessing these APIs in straightforward fashion.

    Think genomics is too far into the future? There’s currently a bill working through a committee of the U.S. House of Representatives that would allow employers to mandate that employees receive genomic screenings. It’s not predicted to pass the full Congress, but — drip, drip, drip.

    I’m not sure that we in Quality are ready to move away from claims/EMR-based thinking to genomics/wearables thinking … yet. But we probably, as a profession, need a strategy to make HQPs evangelists for this major, inevitable shift!”

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