Introducing Conference Speaker, Dr Hass Saad!

Dr. Hass Saad, a physician dedicated to patient care, founded Detroit Medical Informatics in 2012 as a response to a need he saw early on in his medical training.

Born in the digital age of medicine, Dr. Saad’s passion for medical informatics and its capability to inspire advancements in medicine began with his clinical training at Detroit Medical Center. At this flagship hospital, known for being one of the nation’s first implementation sites of Electronic Health Records, Dr. Saad was called upon to contribute to modern medical culture and the well being of the public as he witnessed the field of medicine transition before his eyes. As many of his mentors struggled to deliver their best care in conjuncture with new technology, Dr. Saad sought to bridge the gap between healthcare and technology.

Four years since inception, the result of his dedicated passion for the art of medicine is apparent. Functioning from a ‘quality not quantity’ mindset, Dr. Saad has assembled his firm of hand-selected physicians and clinicians to successfully support leading hospitals from coast to coast, translating to the care of thousands of patients. As a result of Dr. Saad’s peer-to-peer approach, he and his team have garnered national recognition for seamlessly facilitating customized build-out models for physicians and providers.

Prior to dedicating his career to Medical Informatics, Dr. Saad received his Medical Doctorate from Windsor University School of Medicine and completed a post-graduate research fellowship in Cardiovascular Medicine at Metro Health Hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Dr. Saad holds a Bachelors of Science in Biology, with added focus in Business Management from The University of Michigan. Dr. Saad delivers lectures on the role of technology in medicine and how it brings forth advancements in patient care. He also has published and co-authored several medical publications focused on cardiovascular research. | |