Welcome Sarah DeCaussin CPC, CPHQ to the CPHQ Panel!

Sarah has a very diverse background in IT, coding, and quality management.  This background in combination with the CPHQ credentials has led her to being extremely successful in currently leading the HEDIS and performance measurement team for Molina of MI and the Regional Molina HEDIS team for WI and IL. To add to her varied experience, her pervious role was in Quality at a large provider organization. According to Sarah, “The CPHQ certification has help in numerous ways to becoming more attractive to employers, skills to lead change, and quality improvement techniques for managing a large regional team.” Welcome Sarah!

Welcome to the CPHQ Panel, MAHQ President, Linda Weirauch, RN, MSN, CPHQ, LSSGB!

Linda currently serves as the President of the Michigan Association for Healthcare Quality. In addition, she also teaches a 5 star rated CPHQ course, a course other states have taken advantage of as well. For the past three years, her course has led many healthcare quality professionals to pursuing their certification and furthering their own career goals. Linda’s current role is the Director of Quality Management at Select Specialty Hospital in Flint, MI. She proudly serves as the Commissioner for the Awards Team for the National Association for Healthcare Quality. Linda holds a Master of Science in Nursing and is a Certified Professional for Healthcare Quality. She recently obtained her green belt certification in Lean Six Sigma. According to Linda, “The CPHQ certification has brought several opportunities in my direction. When I started in Quality, CPHQ certification was new to me and it brought a structured approach in learning about what quality is. Since achieving certification, I have achieved status as a national speaker for the CPHQ review course as well as moving in to a Quality Director role in a LTAC hospital. CPHQ has opened many doors for me!”

Introducing Jason Gillikin, CPHQ for the CPHQ Panel at the MAHQ Annual Conference

Jason leads the Advanced Analytics team at Priority Health that’s dedicated to exploratory analytics and business-case review. He formerly led the quality analytics team conducting HEDIS for the health plan. Prior to that, he worked at Spectrum Health, leading the analytics team responsible for facility revenue-cycle operations. Gillikin earned his degree in moral philosophy from Western Michigan University and has been a proud CPHQ certificant since 2006. He is a former member of the MAHQ board of directors and currently sits on the board of directors for the National Association for Healthcare Quality and on the board of trustees for the Healthcare Quality Foundation. According to Jason, “The CPHQ includes a variety of disciplines that are essential not only to quality improvement but also to other disciplines within health care. My CPHQ certification has made me more attractive to employers and has prompted colleagues to look to me as a source of expertise in various improvement disciplines”.

Introducing conference speaker, Julie Janeway!

Julie Janeway is a professor of law, political science, and health care administration in the masters and doctoral health care administration programs at Central Michigan University, and a professor of health and business organization law at the Western Michigan University – Cooley Law School.  She is also a nationally and internationally requested educator, consultant, and trainer. She is a former Michigan trial attorney with significant experience in health care risk management and compliance, employment law, medical malpractice defense, licensing/regulatory law, governmental relations, and constitutional law. She is currently licensed in Michigan, as well as all levels of the federal courts, including the United States Supreme Court. She is a previously published author of a several books and book chapters, and a significant number of articles on legal, non-legal, medical, and medico-legal topics, and is frequently featured in various peer-reviewed publications.

Introducing conference speaker Lucinda (Cindy) Lord!

MAHQ is excited to include Cindy as a presenter. Cindy has been in various management roles for many years and taken enjoyment of keeping her work organized by handling multiple projects. She works for a large insurance company in Michigan, managing projects for the senior market, specifically Medicare Advantage customers (those disabled or over 65 years old) and a Medicare supplemental plan. To ensure project success for fellow employees, Cindy helps others understand the complexity of project management and teaches an all-day project management class monthly. Through networking opportunities, Cindy has also done several presentations on personal development topics for colleagues (such as budgeting and personal finance, goal setting, and time management). In her time off, Cindy loves to travel and cruising is her personal preference to get away and disconnect from the office. Being healthy is a choice, so Cindy tries to stay active by following several different types of exercises, including running a half marathon every year.


Introducing conference speaker David Cruz!

David Cruz earned his Masters of Health Services Administration from the University of Michigan School of Public Health. His undergraduate degree is from Appalachian State University. Although his professional healthcare career started in North Carolina, he really found his stride while interning at CS Mott Children’s Hospital at Michigan Medicine. During this time he discovered his knack for quality and process improvement. He used these skills to move into a role as administrative fellow at the health system. It was not long before he returned to a full time position at Mott as a project manager focusing entirely on quality improvement. David acts as the primary contact to the Children’s Hospital Association and leads hospital level improvement projects. Currently, his primary focus is on reducing hospital acquired conditions such as catheter associated urinary tract infections, central line associated bloodstream infections and hospital onset severe sepsis.

Introducing Conference Speaker, Dr Hass Saad!

Dr. Hass Saad, a physician dedicated to patient care, founded Detroit Medical Informatics in 2012 as a response to a need he saw early on in his medical training.

Born in the digital age of medicine, Dr. Saad’s passion for medical informatics and its capability to inspire advancements in medicine began with his clinical training at Detroit Medical Center. At this flagship hospital, known for being one of the nation’s first implementation sites of Electronic Health Records, Dr. Saad was called upon to contribute to modern medical culture and the well being of the public as he witnessed the field of medicine transition before his eyes. As many of his mentors struggled to deliver their best care in conjuncture with new technology, Dr. Saad sought to bridge the gap between healthcare and technology.

Four years since inception, the result of his dedicated passion for the art of medicine is apparent. Functioning from a ‘quality not quantity’ mindset, Dr. Saad has assembled his firm of hand-selected physicians and clinicians to successfully support leading hospitals from coast to coast, translating to the care of thousands of patients. As a result of Dr. Saad’s peer-to-peer approach, he and his team have garnered national recognition for seamlessly facilitating customized build-out models for physicians and providers.

Prior to dedicating his career to Medical Informatics, Dr. Saad received his Medical Doctorate from Windsor University School of Medicine and completed a post-graduate research fellowship in Cardiovascular Medicine at Metro Health Hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Dr. Saad holds a Bachelors of Science in Biology, with added focus in Business Management from The University of Michigan. Dr. Saad delivers lectures on the role of technology in medicine and how it brings forth advancements in patient care. He also has published and co-authored several medical publications focused on cardiovascular research.

hass@dmiadvisory.com | www.linkedin.com/in/hsaadmd | www.dmiadvisory.com

Please welcome Michelle Bryant, MBA, BSN, RN, CPHQ as one of our conference speakers!

Michelle Bryant, MBA, BSN, RN, CPHQ is an accomplished health care professional with more than 25 years of clinical and non-clinical leadership experience. She has worked as a military officer, clinician, healthcare executive, presenter, consultant and advocate for quality healthcare. She has a remarkable body of work extending from for-profit and non-profit health systems to academic in a variety of geographic locations as well as is well known throughout the healthcare industry for her expertise with population health, performance improvement, accreditation and regulatory agencies. Currently based out of Lake Orion, Michigan, Ms. Bryant has extensive experience working as and with C-level executives, physicians, and payers across multiple organizations.

A board member of Michigan Association for Healthcare Quality as well as a member of the National Association for Healthcare Quality, she is currently the executive director of Quality and Risk Management for the Behavioral Center of Michigan and Samaritan Behavioral Center and speaks nationally on population health and staff engagement. She has served as vice president of Quality Management and Patient Care Services for Wayne State University Physician Group, vice president of Regulatory Compliance and Quality for Westside Regional Medical Center (HCA) in Florida, director of Clinical Quality Improvement for South Fulton Medical Center (Tenet) in Georgia, nurse educator for Medical College of Georgia Health Inc. in Georgia, and department director of Education for the United States Army Nurse Corps in Germany.